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T-Bird & The Breaks have got a new single out and It’s Hot! In every way – though that is also actually the name of the track which sizzles from the opening sample of – er – a sizzle to the end of its throbbing squelchy nearly four minute length. And I never thought I’d be writing that. Not the ‘throbbing nearly four minute’ bit – that kind of single entendre is de rigeur on MB – no, the bit about T-Bird & The Breaks having a new single out. Why? Because the band announced in 2016 that they were hanging up their funky hats. And you could hardly blame them when they’d still hadn’t been signed to a label three excellent albums into a career that dragged sixties funky soul and rnb into the twenty-first century. As it turns out, seven years hasn’t dented their groove, smoothed out Tim ‘T-Bird’ Crane’s bourbon-rasp or dulled his ear for a classic lyric like, “Man it’s hot (Tell me how hot is it?)/ It’s like the Devil brought the weather when he came to visit!” Let’s hope someone does the decent thing this time around.
(Out now HERE)

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