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When T Bird & The Breaks single, It’s Hot, from July last year confirmed that rumours of the band’s demise had been greatly exaggerated you were probably looking forward to a quicker follow-up than the the nine months it’s taken GTFUOMB to drop but – hey – it’s not just love you can’t hurry. Talking of love, seems like someone’s played a little too fast and loose at T Bird Towers and man he doesn’t stint in telling her where to get off on brand new lilting torch song lit by the coldly burning embers of dying love – GTFUOMB. You bet that stands for something, don’t you? You’re right – ‘Get the fuck up out of my bed!’ Ouch. Still, circumstances seem to have added additional gravitas to Tim ‘T Bird’ Crane’s rasp and his facility for lyric-writing has never been in ruder health. “Nobody likes a cheater…/turncoat, snitch…/ or the type of friend who keeps on driving by when they see you broke down in a ditch,” he belts out – and that’s just for context – he hasn’t even got to the object of his scorn yet. Oh wait – here it comes, “Nobody likes a liar…/…maybe most of all/ but you laid it on real thick and then you walked on down the hall” – cue an f-bomb-laden hook. You’d like to think they’re gearing up for an album and that can only be excellent news. Rest assured the monkey will be on it if they are.
(Out now HERE)

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