SURPRISE CHEF: Pash RashFresh from the success of December’s Education & Recreation LP, Oz crew Surprise Chef are back already with a new single Pash Rash. Though not on the LP, the clues are there that this may nevertheless have come from the LP recording session – the artwork for one – and the fact that it delivers the same spin on the 70s library music template as the LP material for another. This one is more than six minutes long however and, for those unfamiliar with antipodean colloquialisms, it’s been named after the redness you get from snogging someone with stubble. You’ll be unsurprised to hear therefore, that it starts out with a bit of mellow Rhodes foreplay, subsequently becomes altogether more rhythmic, then a guitar joins in too and then there’s just time for a breather before it builds to a pulsing crescendo. Or should that be climax…
(Out now on Big Crown Records)

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