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SUBTIFUGE feat. MR WILLIAMZ: Ganja Dadda (2013) (Dirty Dubsters remix)

Who’s your ganja dadda? I’m betting Mr Williamz thinks he is on the evidence of these lyrics – clearly generated by a staunch proponent of the ‘erb. Quite apart from the fact that he knows lots of names for it and seems to have smoked it in multifarious places in multifarious ways he appears to make the controversial claim that if you “Smoke ganja, you know ya live longer…an’ if ya tink I lie, go ask ya doctor.” Having said that, my patois is notoriously ropey so he could quite easily have been pointing out that inhaling any form of smoke is broadly carcinogenic. This Dirty Dubsters mix appears on the digital release along with Subtifuge‘s dnb original and a couple of other dnb mixes from Marcus Visionary and J-Bostron…
(Out 18 November on Irish Moss Records)

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