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SUBES: Thrill From The Pill (2013)

Subes are Greg Wilmott and Pieter Ubbels and Thrill From The Pill, their second long player, is a ten-tracker filled with bossa and afrobeat-tinged jazz funk. In a good way. It might be all-instrumental, feature a considerable amount of Rhodes piano and what sounds like a variety of tribal shakers but they’ve remembered not to get all self-indulgent whilst operating within one of the most notoriously self-indulgent musical genres known to man.

Proceedings open with a jazz-funky bossa feel and don’t let the not especially optimistic title Let’s Get It Over put you off. Second track There Goes The Speaker offers some Rhodes-draped afrobeat action and then yields to the ‘Get Carter theme if it was made in West Africa’ vibe of Perhaps Because. And there you have the main ingredients of the LP. Personally, I’d say they saved the best for last with hypnotic sax-fest Flamici. I said ‘sax’ not sex. Talking of sex though, there’s a naked lady taking a bath on the cover. Always a winner. Since there doesn’t appear to be any embeddable audio from this album at the minute – check out the klezmer vibes of Jazz Azz from last LP Contra Bossa.
(Out now on 339 Records)

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