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STONES THROW: Madlib to score ‘Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton’ documentary (2012)

Many people know Peanut Butter Wolf’s Stones Throw label as the home of the DOOM/ Madlib project Madvillain, Aloe Blacc and Mayer Hawthorne. They also like to put out weird shit like James Pants. Anyway – they’re making a feature-length documentary about how avant-garde they are called Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton and Stones Throw signee and avant garde hip-hop producer Madlib is scoring it.

They haven’t actually finished making the documentary yet though – as they need a bit more funding – hence the PR that the monkey’s been sent linking to a Kickstarter campaign to raise the missing benjamins. Come to think of it – that’s quite avant garde too – advertising something you’re presumably going to sell but haven’t finished yet in order to tap your consumer base for funding for something so that they can buy what they’ve just funded – when it’s finished. They’ll be getting their fanbase to make stuff for them and then selling it back to them next! Mind you, they were $35 000 short and they’ve already raised $20 050 – which isn’t bad. And the label are giving away a range of free shit for your green. If you’ve got a seven figure swagger or something and feel like handing them say $3000 of pocket change, you get a limited Quasimoto Zoo York skateboard deck. Tight arses who stump up a paltry amount like $500 can only expect Quasimoto rolling papers though. As for their vinyl weighing a ton? No kidding? Try lifting my bag when I play a double set – laptop pussies don’t know the like. Vid below for more info…

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