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Just in case you thought BigM had gone ‘too hip-hop’ with the recent dope of their Dee & Kamy four track EP, this dropped the other week. Despite a title which conjures images of chicks in shelltoes and fat dungarees with baseball hats on backwards Stereo Beatz & Myniemo’s Planet B Girl is actually a bit of acid-synth-fuelled big beat. Fresh Andy lightens the tone on his rework with a filtered bit of happy wah, Quincy Jointz nearly goes a bit synth jazz and then Stereo Beatz and Myniemo actually do go full acid breaks with Planet B-Boy and end up in some crazy-ass Depth Charge territory, minus the Kung Fu samples.
(Out now on BigM)

Stereo Beatz vs. Myniemo [BigMD029]
With his second release on BigM Productions and more to come in the near future, Stereo Beats cements his position of being a permanent member of the BigM family. In cooperation with his mate Myniemo, who is new to the label, he delivers a serious stomping breaker called Planet B Girl with Remixes by Quincy Jointz and Fresh Andy. On top a freebie track. Have it!

01 – Planet B Girl
A stomping breaker with serious synths and horn section to blow the speakers.
02 – Planet B Girl (Quincy Jointz Remix)
Quincy turns the tune into a dry and cool groover twisting from serious stomping to bright swinging.
03 – Planet B Girl (Fresh Andy Remix)
Fresh Andy gives the track a nice and happy laidback grooving taste to bring the cocktail lounge to groove.
04 – Planet B Boy
Again more serious this add on tune is a 8-bit acid tasting straight forward groover.

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