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A STATE OF MIND: Root To The Fruit – 2010 – Single review

[rating: 4]

For reasons best known to themselves ASM have given the A-side to this the dirtiest name and the B-side the dirtiest beat. Were the B-side the A-side it would be a instant 5 stars (and god alone knows what it would be worth if it had the A-side’s title too) – but we have to take into account that it isn’t. Not that I’ll let that stand in the way of my dealing out massive props to the Derek X (oops, my bad – Sadat X) of Brand Nubian-featuring Certified Organic which flips a huge good-time Main Source-style funky beat that’ll have them dancing in the aisles. It’s the second large Aussie M.C.-featuring track I’ve heard this year (since ASM get on the mic as well as Sadat X) – the other being Sab Famperi’s Joelistics collabo Brand New Day which is also hot shit. Oh yeah – the reggae-tinged Wildchild-featuring A-side’s not bad too…

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