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SPEEDOMETER feat. JAMES JUNIOR: No Turning Back (2015)

No Turning Back Speedometer James JuniorIt says here that Speedometer have, “been one of the bands that has spearheaded the resurgence in deep, gritty funk and soul for over 10 years,” and while they certainly have produced some songs of that description, lead single No Turning Back from the new LP isn’t one of them. The bongos, the Rhodes piano, the restrained trumpet and the occasional bit of scat-singing all mark this out, my friends, as something rather more…jazzy. You might even say acid jazzy (with a small ‘a’ and ‘j’ since the label has been conducting themselves in a rather more modly fashion in recent years) i.e. a funk-related movement preceding the ‘deep funk’ revival. Discuss…
(Out now on Freestyle Records)

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