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SOUL FLIP EDITS 14: A Solid Bond In Your Heart/ Cool Jerk (Vinyl 7″)

SOUL FLIP EDITS 14None of your guest productions for the fourteenth Soul Flip Edit 7″, for this one is helmed by the Soul Flip team themselves which amounts to a Del Gazeebo production as ‘conducted’ by Aldo Vanucci. But who’s getting the edit treatment this time? Turns out it’s Detroit soul crew The Capitols and – bit of a new direction – The Jam. The Jam?! Going Underground The Jam? The very same. And who hasn’t listened to A Town Called Malice and thought – well that’s basically a northern soul track done in a punky/ new wave stylee isn’t it? Not that that’s the track they’ve picked. Nope, that’ll be the lesser known A Solid Bond In Your Heart and, yes, the demo version actually by The Jam, not the neutered Style Council version. Does it work? I think you’ll find it works like a bastard but for those of a nervous disposition, the B-side is a version of The Capitols reliably ‘golden era of soul’ big hit, Cool Jerk. Uptempo soul edit bangers? You don’t mind if you do.
(Out 12 August on Soul Flip Edits)

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