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SONIC BOOM SIX: Keep On Believing (Capitol 1212 mix) (2013)

Edinburgh-based production outfit Capitol 1212 take on the Bosstones-style ska-rock noise of Mancunian crew Sonic Boom Six and pull off the tricky feat of transforming Keep On Believing into something that might actually get people dancing (i.e. a breakbeat/ ska hybrid ) as opposed to sweatily pogoing. Interestingly, trivia hunters, the video to the original features SB6 in a pub bumping into UK daytime TV legend Jim Bowen off hypnotic darts borefest Bullseye (“that’s your Youtube sorted, that’s safe”) and taking part in an impromptu live version of said TV game. Also the lead singer reminded me of someone I got off with once when I was travelling. It’s not her though. Capitol 1212 then. There was talk of an album at one point…

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