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SMOOVE & TURRELL: Mount Pleasant Remixed Vol. 2

SMOOVE & TURRELL:  Mount Pleasant Remixed Vol. 2Mount Pleasant Remixed Vol. 2 follows Vol. 1 as Smoove & Turrell once more make free with the stems from their latest LP. Perhaps they launched them over their heads to remixers like a pair of coy northern brides tossing flowers to a baying pit of single ladies at a wedding – we’ll never know. What is certain is that the ones who got lucky are Flevans, The Allergies and once again Valique – whose elbows you’ve clearly got to watch in a scrum. This time, the evil Valique thoroughly houses the Izo FitzRoy-featuring neo-disco You’re Gone while Flevans uncouples the catchy head-nod of Billie from a breakbeat allowing it to float away in the direction of a car or bank commercial. Meanwhile The Allergies cannily ascend to the summit of this particular remix work with the track of prime interest to MB readers. Like Valique they’ve also reworked You’re Gone but they’ve topped even the mighty S&T’s original with a stomping slab of neo-northern soul. Hurrah!
(Out now on Jalapeno Records)

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