SMOOVE & TURRELL: Mount Pleasant Remixed Vol. 1

SMOOVE & TURRELL:  Mount Pleasant Remixed Vol. 1Aye, aye – Smoove & Turrell unlock the stems for a trio of cuts off their recent Mount Pleasant long-player and step hastily back as a horde of remixers steam in to get their scaly claws into the Geordie pair’s neo-disco and soul. Emerging bloodied and torn but triumphant from such a Darwinian bloodbath are Valique, Basement Freaks and Dr Rubberfunk. Clutched in Valique’s scarred mitts is the LP’s syncopated disco opener, There For Me, which he batters into something a little more spacey and neo-disco-dubby – not to mention wrenching it into a length twice that of the original. Basement Freaks, meanwhile, tears free the bayou-flavour within the blues-funky Billie and brings it to the fore and Dr Rubberfunk pummels the evocative downtempo-isms of Flames To Feed with a vintage funky drumkit. Choices, choices!
(Out 11 January on Jalapeno Records)

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  1. Listened to & really liked all 3 tracks.
    I loved the feel to Billie. The harmonica was hauntimg

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