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SMOOVE & TURRELL: I Feel Alive/ Mr Hyde (Vinyl 7″)

SMOOVE & TURRELL:  I Feel Alive/ Mr Hyde (Vinyl 7The monkey told you Smoove & Turrell’s new LP, Mount Pleasant, was on the way and so it is at the end of this month. In the meantime, here is the second single and follow-up to Izo FitzRoy collab. You’re Gone. Entitled I Feel Alive and backed with Mr Hyde – it demonstrates once again that S & T have more than one musical side. The role they’ve carved out as radio-friendly Chic and Pharrell-bothering blue-collar neo-disco outfit is ably catered for by the effortless synth-n-four-to-the-floor work of I Feel Alive on which Turrell voice soars as he reminds himself of what the PR is pleased to call a, “hedonistic night in Paris.” It’s a hard life, isn’t it? But every Dr Jekyll has its Mr Hyde and as we’ve established I Feel Alive‘s is called – er – Mr Hyde. Enter a much funkier uptempo drum break, some psych effects and guitar fuzz as Turrell, imbues his voice with ‘eau-de-Plant’ and reveals that his music is his ‘weapon.’ Ooerr.
(Out 15 June on Jalapeno Records)

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