SMOKEY BANDITS: Debut Remixed Vol. 2 (2013)

It seems like only two shakes of a mustang’s tail since everyone’s favourite Balkan/ Mex-American breakbeat outlaws Smokey Bandits struck a deal with one wild bunch of remixers and now here they are again with another lot. Well actually with one survivor from the previous lot – Renegades Of Jazz. But then he’s the fastest jazz-slinger in the west so no one messes with him. Probably why he’s been invited back to supply an alternative ‘deep’ remix of Subway Hustler. Swarthy unshaven types like Los Chicos Altos make Revolucion Valiente walk over some broken beats, DJ Farrapo dresses up Smoke From The Attic like a swinging vaquero dandy for jollies and Pushin Wood have a sinister chuckle as Holidays In The Sun is forced to dance on a bed of new world gypsy coals.
(Out 16 September on Bombastic Jam)

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