SMITH & THE HONEY BADGERS: The Honey Badger Strut/ Let’s Pretend (2014)

Honey Badger Strut Smith Honey BadgersThe honey badger is the animal kingdom equivalent of a permanently angel-dusted Bruce Lee – it’s relatively small but you definitely wouldn’t mess with it. As it happens that’s not a bad description of Smith & The Honey Badgers and their new release either. Relative unknowns on the funk and soul scene, they’ve recently released an ass-kicking 45 featuring The Honey Badger Strut on one side (“I take just what I want…the moral of the story – don’t fuck with me”) and downtempo smoocher Let’s Pretend on the other – because, let’s face it, even honey badgers must get jiggy sometime, otherwise there wouldn’t be any honey badgers would there? To make doubly sure you won’t forget about them, they’ve got the dopest logo of any funk band going…
(Out now on wax on Lunch Money Records but rarer than a real honey badger – try HERE)

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