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SLYNK: We’re Having A Good Time (2014) Free download

We're Having A Good Time SlynkEveryone get this freebie from Slynk, yeah? No? Well waste no further time acquiring a copy of the Brisbane badboy’s rerub of Raid by eighties LA disco funkers Zoom. Raid was about the pigs rocking up at a party and (by the sound of things on the record) grabbing revellers by the scruff of the neck, slamming them against the wall and giving them a solid shoeing. Funnily enough – it’s not a dissimilar approach to the one taken by Slynk here as he grabs the original by the scruff of the neck, slams it into his laptop and gives the beat a hefty kick up the arris. The difference being that his edit is liable to result in fairly mental dancefloor activity rather than accidental death in custody.

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