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SLYNK feat. TIMOTHY WISDOM: Flip It Up (2014)

Flip It Up Slynk Timothy WisdomClearly not a man who feels he’s released enough big free downloads in the last month, Slynk drops yet another one. It’s not an edit this time though but some original funky disco breakin and he’s joined on it by Timothy Wisdom.
“Not Timothy Wisdom ‘the ghetto funk MacGyver: you name it, he can do it?'”
“Yep – the very same.”
“What’s he doing on this one then? Co-production? Singing? Rapping?”

That’ll be the latter then as he exhorts Slynk to break off a new slice of soul. Our man duly obliges – with some funky picking, squelchy bass and a very distinctive keyboard sound. Should be enough to get people in the Moog or indeed to Flip It Up. Players below – cop it off the bandcamp one…

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