SKEEWIFF: Skeewiff Vs Shawn Lee EP (2015)

EP Skeewiff Vs Shawn LeeNo prizes for guessing what is contained upon the Skeewiff Vs Shawn Lee EP or ‘Skee vs. Lee’ as I like to think of it. That’s right, veteran funk-soul-jazz-library-breaks-brother Skeewiff goes to town on veteran funk-soul-jazz-psychedelic-ambient brother Shawn Lee‘s groovy Soulfood 2 LP from a couple of years ago. Which came out on Skeewiff’s very own Pedigree Cuts label. Which must’ve been handy. Lee’s original consisted of instrumental pastiches of funk, soul, northern soul and soul jazz and this consists of instrumental pastiches of funk, soul, northern soul and northern soul which have had their breaks and bpms subtly tweaked. Saucy! The release consists of re-Wiffs of funky rnb Hammond stomper Teen Beat, Lee’s favourite cut on his own release the fuzz-rich library funk of Boogie Drive, Champ/ Tramp pastiche Cramp, the doo-wop instro Groovin’, a funky spaghetti western version of Fuzz City, previous big hitter the Buddy Rich-esque I Got Soul Boots, and a KPM-ish take on the pun-tastically titled Wigan Out. It’s exciting enough to make you do something wild and crazy like don a tiger skin mini-dress and leap astride a throbbing primal beast…
(Out now on Pedigree Cuts)

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