SKEEWIFF: Man Turns Animal Remixed (2013)

I was contacted the other day by a concerned member of the public about the lack of Skeewiff coverage on MB and, as any good Roman Emperor knows, it’s best to give the public what they want. Since the monkey is now on the Skeewiff mailing list you’ll no doubt be hearing a lot more about them henceforth – starting with this album remix EP, Man Turns Animal! Remixed. And really, how could you not be feeling a release that sports more or less the same retro-erotica cover as the LP and has a voice proclaiming, “Man turns animal for the erotic pleasures of women…and men!” on the final track. Those involved in the remix debauchery include the likes of Fab Samperi, Renegades Of Jazz, Omegaman and Jiggy Joe – all of whom appear to decide (rightly) that the retro breakbeat party antics of the originals need little re-imagining and content themselves for the most part by indulging in a little percussive tweaking. Well – there’s no need to go balls deep every time is there? Did I say ‘balls deep’? I meant ‘balls out’…It’s still all about hammond-bomb Mr Debonair – featuring Vanessa Cortenay’s best impression of Velvet Underground collaborator Nico – though Omegaman’s version of No Puede Esparar‘s louche latin-isms runs it a close second.
Out 19 March on Pedigree Cuts

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