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SKEEWIFF: Amen Brother b/w/ Miserlou (Vinyl 7″)

SKEEWIFF:  Amen BrotherWhen Skeewiff returned to the label they originally set up – Jalapeno Records – this May, it was for merely the first in a series of big-ass single covers of the music that inspired their careers. While May’s single release featured a cover of Herb Alpert’s Spanish Flea (with the ‘Wiff’s take on Keith Mansfield’s Exclusive Blend on the vinyl flipside), this time it’s the turn of The Winstons’ breakneck funk classic Amen Brother (the much-sampled drum-break from which pretty much single-handedly defined the sound of the drum n bass genre) and (on the vinyl flip) Dick Dale’s surf classic Miserlou, to get covered. These versions are pretty faithful to the originals though the duo’s approach to things is slightly cleaner-sounding with more overtly library-music, vibes – as you might expect. This along with the previous single (and those to come) will all feature on a forthcoming album of the ‘Wiff boys’ covers. Amen brother!
(Out now (Amen Brother on digital)/ Vinyl to follow on Jalapeno Records)

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