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SHY FX feat. KIKO BUN: Honey (2016) + video

Honey Shy FX Kiko Bun[RATING: 5] It’s been at least five years since rumours first surfaced that original junglist, Shy FX, was dropping a reggae LP full of 70s-style reggae and…it still isn’t out. Three years ago, our man did drop excellent the Liam Bailey-featuring Soon Come – presumably ironically given the island time that he appears to be working on, and now – just to fluff you a bit until the next tidbit (or, possibly, the actual LP) – here is the equally retro Kiko Bun-featuring Honey. And isn’t it sweet like some. Just in time for carnival season. Talking of which – check the video below which features footage of the track being played live at a certain well-famous UK carnival. It’s only the tiny Notting Hill one of course – you can’t expect a metropolis as vast as Bristol to police something as big and complicated as it’s defunct St Paul’s Carnival in the same way that a small village like London can…
(Out September on Digital Soundboy)

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