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SHARON JONES & THE DAP KINGS: ‘I Learned The Hard Way’ single – free download

Now I’ve looked into it a little, there seems to be some confusion about when the new Sharon Jones LP I Learned The Hard Way is due for release – a matter possibly compounded by the fact that the first single to be released off the album is the title track. As a slave to funk it wasn’t so much a duty as a compulsion to follow the trail of confusion through a succession of blogs (including one called where I discovered claims for a release date of 5 April, 4 May, 5 May, and 6 June, among others. Eventually, heading straight for the Daptone website itself, I discover a post that states, “Get a sneak peak of the album and download the title track “I Learned the Hard Way” – immediately followed by the words “Coming April 6th 2010.” ….Er…right…so is that the LP or the single then? Daptone Records – hot on authentic golden funky soul, not so good with plain English. Still, while you wait for the single (and the LP) on vinyl you can always download (the single) below from Daptone Records. They only want your email off you and where’s the harm in that…?
DOWNLOAD – I Learned The Hard Way

Daptone Records

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – Myspace

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