SHAREHOLDER TOM feat. DIRK SCHAADT: Highway To Hell (2013)

Clearly the work of Satan (as with anything where the trail can be traced back to shareholders), Highway To Hell, finds funky German outfit Shareholder Tom and hun hammond hero Dirk Schaadt interpret AC:DC’s hard rock classic in the style of Dr Lonnie Smith. As the people responsible note, it will be “exclusively available as a soulless computer file in all download stores”, though this does mean that Serato-using adherents of Lucifer will be able to play the file backwards and hear such messages as Do it! and Russian oligarchs with Cypriot bank accounts must pay a levy for using an EU state as a tax haven and while we’re on the subject, why was an EU state prostituting itself as a tax haven anyway?” Controversial – as with all the works of the Devil – but he does have the best tunes.
(Out 26 April on Buro 9 Music)

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