SHAOLIN TEMPLE DEFENDERS: Let Yourself Go – 2009 – Single review

[rating: 3.5]

Man, if my band was called Shaolin Temple Defenders and I had a single out entitled Let Yourself Go that’s exactly what I’d do. I’d have superfast percussion, put the wah-wah pedal in overdrive and knock out a lo-fi video featuring loads of rapid-fire editing of battling monks and fast shaky zoom shots of a manically cackling kung-fu master, who would arrogantly flick his long wispy beard and then screech something like, “Your monkey style is no match for my southern crane technique!” But then French band STD (on reflection, not an abbreviation they want to encourage) are not my band and display a restraint I could never muster. Thus, Let Yourself Go is a functional enough piece of Breakestra-alike funk (albeit with slightly irritating scat-vocals) while B-side Southern Bug-A-Loo is a speedy little hammond and piccolo shuffle.
Out now on Soulbeat France

Listen to – Shaolin Temple Defenders: Let Yourself Go

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