SHAOLIN TEMPLE DEFENDERS: Keep This Funk On A Roll/ Taxman (2013)

Shaolin Temple Defenders – ‘the band with the best name in contemporary funk’ ™ are back with two hard-hitting uptempo funk cuts. The first of these is the guitar-pickin’/ hammond-tickling Keep This Funk On A Roll which, despite its title, appears not to be about the difficulties of using the world’s greatest musical genre as a sandwich filling. Also available is the band’s sweet little cover of The Beatles’ tax evaders anthem Taxman because frankly you can never have enough houses. Or yachts. Or sportscars. And if you earn more money than you can spend in your lifetime why the fuck should you pay a higher rate of tax on it? Clearly The Beatles didn’t have access to the same accountants currently advising Amazon, Google, Vodaphone and Starbucks. Still, great tune though – which is probably why Paul Weller stole it for The Jam’s Start!. Cop them below on a ‘name your price deal’…

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