SHAKA: Spacefunk EP (2016)

Spacefunk ShakaNot to be confused with Shaka Loves You who hail from Glasgow and make fun stuff across the spectrum of funky breaks, Shaka hail from Brazil and – make fun stuff across the spectrum of glitch-funky breaks. The title track is a collision of louche cocktail sounds and colossal bass farts, Crumble is a stop-starty slab of instrumental glitchy blues-hop, Freedom chops up the gospel soul and Boogie brings you glitchy-tonk – it’s a bit like Jools Holland meeting Tipper with the emphasis on the Tipper. What you especially need this for however is Shaka’s very own remix of Am I Wrong. No, they’re not wrong – it’s a big-off lurching electro-blues stomp.
(Out now on Freshly Squeezed Records)

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