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SHAKA LOVES YOU: Summer Sessions Vol. 2 (2016) Free download

Summer Sessions Vol 2 Shaka Loves YouDisco biscuits, hotties in hotpants, skaters skating, chicks waxing their sticks, and emcee PRofit waxing lyrical – and that’s all just in the first two minutes of the audio-visual version of the latest full-length live mix marvel from Glasgow’s finest deck-nical chairmen of the board – Shaka Loves You! It’s Vol. 2 of what looks like becoming their regular festival season promotional effort Summer Sessions. And it’s not just PRofit giving it that live vibe either since there’s plenty of live percussion on it too. Cop it and watch it below, play loud in the car, chuck the vid on at your next house party and pray that Billabong don’t start looking for video royalties…

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