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SHAKA LOVES YOU: Summer Sessions Vol. 3 Day & Night (2017) Free download

SHAKA LOVES YOU:  Summer Sessions Vol. 3 Day & Night (2017) Free downloadForget Wimbledon, it wouldn’t be summer without the Shaka Loves You summer mix which this year is entitled the Summer Sessions Vol. 3 Day & Night. Is it called that because the boys are at it twenty-four seven? Possibly, if you mean being behind the wheels of steel, for this celebrates the multitude of sets they play – both in the day (represented by funk, soul, hip-hop and reggae) and in the night – represented by OG disco, nu-disco, boogie and afro. See what they did there? Of course you do, but, on a different note, surely they normally accompany such proceedings with an AV version? Well, yes, normally. This year however, the AV police have taken umbrage and said AV mix has been pulled from Youtube on copyright grounds. Undeterred, the boys headed to Vimeo only to find that an upgrade and more cash was required to upload the AV in question. Ah yes, the money. Well at least these video hosting companies are consistent in cracking down equally on copyright infringements as well as, say, racist content. Oh wait – no they’re not. Still, at least you can download below. Best get a shifty on though…

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