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SERGE SEVERE: ‘Rare Flow’ video (2012) ‘Service Without A Smile EP’ free download

Speak of the devil and he shall appear. Or at least get in contact with you by email. I only name-checked Serge Severe this morning in a post about Skills & Variety by way of highlighting the quality of hip-hop coming out of the Pacific Northwest and damn if he doesn’t throw me monstrous new bone Rare Flow. If you caught last year’s LP Back On My Rhymes and killer single Can’t Stop Won’t Stop you’ll know this man not only has a ‘rare flow’ but a talent for liaising with very dope producers. For that LP it was DJ Sect, for this track off the Service Without A Smile EP it’s Terminill. And he is. ‘Ill’ in a ‘licensed to’ sense and terminally so. The production on the EP is off the hook and it all comes together best on Rare Flow which possesses a menacing funk-based atonal beat over which our man and his homie Jon Belz lay down battle rhymes. The sort of boom-bap that can go head-to-head with dubstep and ghetto funk without sounding dated or outgunned. Put it this way, if Rare Flow was human – you wouldn’t fuck with it.
Download Service Without A Smile HERE

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