SCOUR RECORDS: Scoured Cream Vol. 5 (2015)

Scoured Cream Vol 5 Scour RecordsIt’s time to get creamy again boys and girls. Why? Because Vol.5 of Scoured Cream, the ongoing series of wobbly, glitchy breakbeat butterphat from Scour Records is imminent! As usual there’s plenty of buzzsaw bass-synth antics and indeed the Bear Twists/ Father Funk/ Phibes/ WBBL opening quartet is business as usual in this regard. Where things start to get interesting for the monkey is in the second of this game of two halves. There’s a new outing for a certain Enoch Light track which gets hijacked (see what I did there?) by The Breakbeat Junkie and DJP (nice to hear from them again – it’s been a while), a ‘hammer’-ing for a certain Simon Hasely sample by Rollomatik and heavyweight dancefloor breakbeat firepower from Cockney Nutjob who goes all glitchy b-boy on the Harry J Allstars. Which just leaves Mr Stabalina and the devastating combo of J-Sound and Aldo Vanucci to close the sonic circle. It’s all about Cockney Nutjob.
(Out 28 May on Scour Records)

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