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SCOUR RECORDS: Freemixed Nuts Vol. 5 (2017) Free download

SCOUR RECORDS:  Freemixed Nuts Vol. 5 (2017) Free downloadHappy late birthday to Scour Records which yesterday turned five and observed the event in the best way the label knows how – by unleashing a big fat compilation of nutty winter goodness. Which is to say they dropped Vol. 5 of their annual Freemixed Nuts comp. weighing in at a bountiful twelve cuts. And that means it’s their biggest one yet – why – that’s one for every day of Christmas! Yes it is and the twelve acts a-leaping (fourteen if you count the team-ups) on this particular installment are as follows (in order of appearance): Tuxedo Junction, Crash Party, Kibosh, WBBL Lack Jemmon, X­Ray Ted,
The Hong Kong Ping Pong Club & Skeewiff, Cockney Nutjob, General News, Extra Medium, Mr Stabalina, DJ Hiphoppapotamus & Father Funk. Which means you can expect extremely wobbly breaks (Lack Jemmon, General News), drum n skank (Mr Stabalina), rhythm n bass (Hiphoppapotamus and Father Funk re-working Ray Charles), bossa breaks (Tuxedo Junction reworking Afroman), no less than three reggae breaks cuts (Crash Party, X-Ray Ted and, of course, Cockney Nutjob), swing breaks (Hong Kong Ping Pong and Skeewiff) and everything in between. Blimey! There’s something for everyone then. Pretty much all that’s missing is a partridge in a pear tree and I wouldn’t put it past the label to have one of them around somewhere handy should you need one. Cop the full seasonal beast in mp3 versions at Toneden or in the full WAV monty via the bandcamp player below…

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