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SAVANT (feat. Visions Of The Sun, Random, Mr Miranda & Medaforacle) (prod. by Marvel 76): State Bar AZ Cypher – 2011 – Free download

It’s yet another one from workaholic Tucson emcee Savant who this time invites a few of his mates around (apparently under the auspices of Donuts & Milk to drop a bomb-track posse cut over a beat from Marvel 76. It’s an uptempo affair, chock full of ill rhyme play about how dope Arizona hip-hop is (and judging by this, that’s fairly dope) with a rather interesting retro organ stabs throughout and fuzzy guitar chops on the outro. Don’t they have any TV in Arizona? The rate Savant’s putting stuff out, the Grand Canyon State must be just like one giant, relentless hip-hop sweatshop at the minute. Imagine! All this effort going into catering for your listening pleasure with rappers and producer working for as far below the minimum wage as you can get, or ‘woohoo, free download’ as the kids say.
State Bar AZ Cypher (prod. by Marvel76) by Savant aka Stanstro

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