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SAM REDMORE: Tears (Vinyl 7″)

SAM REDMORE:  Tears (Vinyl 7There’ll be no crying over the new Tears 7″ by current Jalapeno Records hot property Sam Redmore who takes Giorgio Moroder’s 1972 cut and re-invents it through a Latin prism. And if the track name isn’t sounding all that familiar, maybe you know it better as the main sample source for that Organ Donor track on DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing LP – i.e. the only one DJs play. Full marks to Redmore though for not only taking the track in a new and crowd-pleasing direction but also for rendering it an upbeat experience – not something you can really say about any track on Endtroducing – nor even about the Moroder original. In even more good news, the other side to this 45 is previous single (and Redmore’s cover of) Just Be Good To Me.
(Out 22 April on Jalapeno Records)

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