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S STRONG & FUNKANIZER: Groove Gigolos EP (2014)

[RATING: 5] The PR would have it that the Groove Gigolos EP from Stelios Strong and cohort Funkanizer is the product of yet more dubious sexual adventures at Scour Mansions – something about fingering Pandas apparently. Since such deviance regularly drips from the pen of one Fat Harry however, dwelling on it will only serve to encourage him, so let’s have a look at the music instead which provides an excellent illustration of the broadness of the Scour’s bass philosophy. Opener Reflections is a cheeky but pensive bit of piano-led swing breaks for example, while Swing Mi Food ragga-rizes the swinginess onto the dancefloor. Here it’s joined by the ghetto-stutter-funk of Can’t Hold Back which makes a virtue of making a hook of that sample from a musical the Beasties used on All Lifestyles. Unusually (for the monkey at least) though, it’s the inspired drum n bass or rather drum n gospel of closer J&B for the win…
(Out 23 January on Scour Records)

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