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RORY HOY feat ASHLEY SLATER: Gettin’ Home (2017)

On their latest collab, Rory Hoy and Ashley Slater tackle the issue of Gettin’ Home from ‘the party’. We’ve all been there – a night’s carousing followed by the sudden realisation that you need your distant bed. In the absence of a beer-scooter (i.e. you’re conscious enough to remember the epic night-hike you’re about to undertake), what you need is a jaunty anthem to belt out while stumbling over dustbins in the small hours. That’ll be Gettin’ Home then, a number which joins the dots between late 90s big beat and the sort of fare provided by Slater and one Norman Cook in the early 90s as acid jazzers Freak Power. Of course it wouldn’t be gettin’ home authentically if you didn’t cross paths with a few similarly-affected individuals. Thus we have remixers Skeewiff gettin’ home from a mod party, QDup gettin’ home from a house party, Mr Moustache gettin’ home from a trip-hop party, Freddy Fresh gettin’ home from a breaks party and Freddy Fresh gettin’ home from a breaks party. Hold on, that’s Freddy Fresh twice. Yeah, well he’s seeing double – “Mr Taxi are you gonna stop for mmeeee?/ Noooo! He’s gonna keep on driving awayeee!”
(Out 14 April on Super Hi-Fi Recordings)

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