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RORY HOY – Bounce Rock/ Everybody Wants To Be A DJ (2012)

I think Pulpfusion might have started something with his Wrong World foray into ‘ghetto metal.’ Here’s the burgeoning scene’s latest progeny in the shape of Rory Hoy‘s forthcoming release on the Bulabeats label. That’ll be Bounce Rock then which does what it says on the tin. I got out of breath just listening to it. And then I heard Saxon Scoundrels‘ heavier remix and had to go and have a cup of tea and a lie-down. The sentiment of the infinitesimally lighter Everybody Wants To Be Dj is never truer than it is nowadays when every cunt and their iPhone wants to plug into your laptop so they can, “just play this one tune,” which never fails to make me grateful for being a vinyl die-hard. Which just leaves Throw Ur Hands Up – a bleepy slice of Monkey Mafia-style big beat, if you’ve got any energy left.
(Out today on Bulabeats)

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