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ROGER MOLLS: ‘What Is A Beatmaker?’ (‘Metamorphosis Of Muses’ album video trailer) (2012)

‘What is a beatmaker?’ ponders French hip-hop producer and monkeyboxing favourite Roger Molls on this trailer for his second LP Metamorphosis Of Muses. Like he doesn’t know. Subtitled ‘A Personal And Sarcastic’ definition we hear how a beatmaker is ‘a lonely person…surrounded by machines, old stuff and dusty records.’ As you might have guessed we’re not talking David Guetta or Diplo here. Nope, Molls is a man who fits right into the DJ Shadow/ RJD2/ Wax Tailor posse. Or he would do if he wasn’t (apparently) a withdrawn obsessive on a quest for that elusive sample who listens to ‘every kind of music, every time, everywhere,’ cue footage of our man sporting headphones on the beach, on the bog and on his missus – followed by the Indiana Jones theme over a break. Tongue firmly in cheek the trailer continues in this vein until 2:25 when we get to hear a montage of LP tracks and see the LP cover art – a sepia-tinted pic of a fit, semi-naked bird looking a bit art nouveau. Presumably the muse he didn’t have time to metamorphose while he was digging the crates. Sounds very promising – especially if you’re familiar with Molls’ previous work. Check the vid below, check Brucie bonus High Speed Chase feat. Ptates from Molls’ first LP Rewind…and watch this space – ‘Metamorphosis Of Muses’ is scheduled for a 24 September release this year.

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