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ROCKY MARSIANO: Meu Kamba (2014)

Meu Kamba Rocky Marsiano[RATING: 5] “What if b-boys danced to semba instead of funk?” asks the PR blah Meu Kamba. Like Rocky Marsiano doesn’t know! It’s this full-length follow-up to Music For All Seasons of course! What do you mean ‘What’s ‘semba’?” Yes, it does sound a bit like ‘samba.’ Could that be because Brazilian samba and Angolan semba have a common ancestor? Yes it could – the Angolan massemba dance. Don’t say you never learn anything via the monkey! It’s a veritable Afro-Portuguese musical melange and I’m not just talking about the title.

Apparently Marsiano made this after his mate picked out a number of choice cuts from his extensive collection of Afro-wax and then set to work with his MPC. As indicated above – the sound has at least as much in common with the sound of Brazilian breakbeat than it does with Afro-funk and is sure to make an impact with those who like their rhythms with latin-flavour. Solid quality throughout but were you to seek the monkey’s guidance, you would find yourself directed towards the skipping rhythms and sweet melodies of Esse Mambo, the reassuring thump of or the funky crunch of LP highlight Bernie Nha Mano.
(Available now from Rocky Marsiano’s Bandcamp on hand-numbered limited vinyl)

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