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RHYMESAYERS & CARHARTT: Mix competition (2011)

Ah – the mixtape, still with us despite the lack of – well…tape, really. So not actually a mix ‘tape’ then – more just a digital mix. Now vinyl’s one thing (and I, for one, applaud its refusal to die) but I’m not even going to pretend I miss tape. What a shitty old format. It stretched, it got chewed up, if you held it too close to a magnet it got wiped – yes, a mixtape was a delicate thing back in the day and once created it was surrounded by enemies. Back to the present and now all you do is connect a cable or two, hit a couple of commands on your laptop or something, sit back and let a computer do all the difficult shit for you. This Rhymesayers/ Carhartt mixtape comp should be a piece of piss then. Full details below, beatslags!

Rhymesayers and Carhartt have combined forces to give you the chance to create the official Rhymesayers European Tour mixtape.

You can win an exclusive Rhymesayers Battle King flashdrive full of music and including personalised drops recorded by Atmosphere, Evidence, Brother Ali, Blueprint and Grieves. You’ll also receive LPs by each of those artists, a limited edition tour T-shirt and a Carhartt x UDG DJ Bag with room for your laptop, CDs and records!

To enter, just create a 15-minute mixtape of Rhymesayers material and submit it to the “Rhymesayers European Tour Group” HERE on Soundcloud, where you can also check out and comment on all the other mixes. The winner will get the chance to create an hour-long Rhymesayers mix for Carhartt’s regular radio show, promoted as part of the Rhymesayers European Tour campaign, as well as the prizes mentioned above.

Final submissions are due September 27th. We will pick the winner on October 4th. The Rhymesayers European Tour hits London on November 7th at the Electric Ballroom.

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