RESENSE 021: Djtzinas ‘Cienaguera Bass’/ Panama Cardoon ‘Carmen’ (2011)

Just too late for the June monkeyboxing chart comes this 45 from Austrian label Resense and it’s cumbia agogo. On the one side is Djtzinas’ 185 bpm, Cienaguera Bass which is all very well if you like to indulge in a little drum n bass but it’s the wider appeal of the feel-good hip-hop speed Carmen from Panama Cardoon that rules. It all starts off innocently enough with a deceptively basic break for eight bars but then ‘el carnival’ breaks loose and the wisdom of the simplicity of those kick drums becomes clear. Drop this at the right moment and you’ll have less a dancefloor than a joyous sea of humanity all bouncing as one, grinning from ear to ear and probably kick start world peace to boot. Nice work Cardoon!
(Out now on Resense)

Panama Cardoon – Carmen (Resense 021) by Panama Cardoon

Cienaguera bass – 7inch edit (Resense 021) by djtzinas

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