RENEGADES OF JAZZ: Sidewinders (2014)

Sidewinders Renegades Of Jazz[RATING: 5] Renegades Of Jazz returns with Sidewinders, a twelve-strong musical arsenal of heat-seeking ‘northern jazz’ missiles so catchy you’ll be unable to ignore them even if you can fly like Maverick and will probably end up moving to them even if you dance like Maverick. Anyone who has previously experienced the work of ROJ will know that we’re talking one of the few outfits aside from ATCQ who can use jazz loops and samples without making the monkey want to chew a fucking arm off and Sidewinders contains nothing to sully this reputation.

Everything on the album is a collaboration – with many of the collaborators having appeared on releases from ROJ’s label Hiperbole (so you know they’ve passed the ROJ quality control standards) and some of whom are very well-known indeed – Diesler for example. The album delivers a kaleidoscope of jazz n breaks related styles including straight up ‘northern jazz’ (Daytoner & ROJ), spyfunk (ROJ & Acusmatic Group), latin jazz breaks (ROJ & Loopez and ROJ and Mister Bingle), folk breaks (ROJ & Pushin Wood) and – ahem – housey,uptempo broken beat (ROJ & Diesler). Especial praise has to be reserved however for Soul Season (ROJ and Deli-Kutt) for its superbly lazy bongo-breaks groove, Nothin Like A Hammond (Grain Zero & ROJ) – because there’s nothing like a Hammond, right? And how could you not love a track called Listen Bastards – from ROJ and Mr Goju. Sidewinders and Renegades Of Jazz then – once more the last word in jazz breakbeats.

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