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REDVENOM feat. BLAQ POET, IMPERIAL BROTHERS & DJ WIZ: There’s No Killin’ What Cannot Be Killed (2015)

There's No Killin Redvenom Blaq PoetManchester emcee Redvenom returns with a Gravediggaz/ Ill Bill/ Jedi Mind Tricks-style creepy strings-drenched horrorcore beat not to mention some big-ass guest spots in the form of veteran NYC rappers Blaq Poet and Imperial Brothers plus cuts from the sometime Wu-Tang-affiliated DJ Wiz. Does There’s No Killin’ What Cannot Be Killed refer to those involved, grimy Bronx hip-hop itself or both? Best not to get the answer wrong, this lot sound (and look) quite hard. It’s both of course anyway.
(Out 21 July)

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