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QUINCY JOINTZ: Jointz Venture Remixed Vol. 2 (2013)

It’s the second round of remixes for Quincy Jointz‘ reggae-inflected broken beat LP Jointz Venture from last year and five more producers and production teams get to go to the bar. Tom Drummond takes Blast, gives it a bit more percussive leverage and ramps up the bass to abrasive levels, Bodyline gets a moombah makeover from Los Chicos Altos and a ghetto funky one from Jazz K Lipa, Turntill & Merlin give Wanna Tell Ya‘s dubby broken beats a deep funky workout, and Get Down gets housed by Aenea. Why Aenea? Why? Actually the original’s pretty house-y too. All the more reason to do something else with it, for the love of god. Do I hear it for the Tom Drummond remix? I believe I do.
(Out 30 December on Timewarp Music)

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