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QDUP: Lone Star EP (2014)

Lone Star EP - QdupFort Knox Recordings’ QDup has cued up a load of p-funk beats for his Lone Star EP and what better to call the breaker-friendly opener than Mothership Calling? This comes with added rap vocals from Tee Double and Tigre Liu who no doubt appear out of dry ice clad in thigh length leather boots and bandoliers when doing this live. Second track Electro Funk Boogie does what it says on the tin and Bavu Blakes gets on the mic to give it the full Bambaataa vibe. The originals of these are accompanied by instros and even more ridiculous remixes from the likes of Funkanomics and Ursula 1000 and especially Warp 9 all three of whom demonstrate a clear ability to bark like Atomic Dogs when they’re thrown a boogie bone.
(Out now on Fort Knox Recordings)

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