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QDUP: Let’s Go EP (2013)

“This release certainly is! Rather than wait the regulation month or so to drop the remix or instrumental package, they’re all on this at the same time: two originals, three remixes, and instros of all five. More like stacked up really. They’re practically bumming each other from lack of room.”
“No! Not ‘queued up’ – Qdup!”
“Oh right – yeah, all set, just got to press this button.”
“No! Not ‘cued up’ either! Look – forget it – have you heard of Flex Matthews?”
“Flex ‘Turkey bacon lover, green line rider’ Matthews?”
“Yeah him.”
“Course I have. Flex Matthews features on this big-ass new EP from Qdup called Let’s Go. Kind of ghetto go-go style with all these funk/ breaks/ ghetto funk remixes on it from Nynfus Corp, DJ Love and Basement Freaks. In fact, it’s all about the funky Basement Freaks cut. Christ! What did you think I was on about. It’s like you were willfully misunderstanding me or something…”
(Out soon on Fort Knox Recordings)

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