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PUMA Suede: October + November 09 Colourways

I don’t really need to say anything about these do I? Oh go on then. Once upon a time there were two brothers Adolf and Rudolf who are at the root of a story which (despite the fact that it sounds like it’s going to be about Nazi reindeer) is about shoes. Dope shoes. After a misunderstanding in an air-raid shelter their shoe company partnership ended. Adolf called his half of the business Adidas, derived (somewhat contrivedly) from Adi (short for Adolf) plus the first syllable of his surname DASsler while Rudi went on to form a company called Ruda derived (in an equally contrived way) from RUdolf DAssler – though, luckily, he realised that sounded a bit shit and later changed it to Puma. Consequently, back in the day, b-boys could pick kicks from two dope selections, the absolute kings among which were the Adidas Superstar and these – the Puma Suede. Amazingly both brothers had hit on freshness so total that these styles are still with us today and wearing them will still elevate your cool to rarified heights. Just remember to waterproof them before you wear them, keep a spare toothbrush to clean them with and always rock fat laces. Oh yeah – best buy two pairs when you see a colour scheme you like too. Ladies and gentlemen – the Puma Suede for October and November 2009…

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