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PULPFUSION: Wrong World Remixed Vol. 1(2012)

In which Swiss beats merchant Pulpfusion throws the keys of recent ghetto metal LP Wrong World into the remix dish and allows his baby to be taken home by a variety of remixers to get as saucy as they wish. Engaging in the action are Zenit Incompatible, Turntill & Merlin, Hong Kong Ping Pong, Frenic, Assassinated, Funkanizer, Rambla

Fresh Combo, Monstaphunkaz and Jazz K Lipa. Between them they do their thing to six of Pulpfusion’s originals in a variety of breaks and ghetto funk flavours. Assassinated get the ‘most metal’ award with their tech-metal breaks version of Point Of No Return, Funkanizer get the most Faith No More award with their version of Scary and Jazz K Lipa gets the ‘most unlikely’ award for their dubstep/ metal crossover version of Wrong World which still sounds like a big day at Shipstern’s Bluff. Filmed in slow motion. And watched on ketamine.
(Out 18 June Pig Balls Records)

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