POETS OF RHYTHM vs. EDAN: Video (part 2) (2013)

Not had enough of Edan in a glossy black wig eh? I refer, of course, to his effortless cutting between Poets Of Rhythm wax whilst rhyming promo verse over the top in the apparently ‘gone viral’ Poets Of Rhythm vs. Edan video part 1. Well, now’s your chance to catch the reclusive legendary rapper/ dj/ producer looking quite a bit like Joey Ramone once more. Both videos are part of the PR campaign by Daptone to big up the Poets Of Rhythm Anthology (1992-2003) and while on this one there’s no rapping (though there’s a bit of Edan’s trademark talky-through-an echo-pedal thing) he cuts for longer and he cuts faster. Yeah – you know what time it is. Hell, everybody knows…what time it is! Check it below and part 1 below that if you missed it the first time…

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