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PHILL MOST CHILL (prod. Bankrupt Europeans): In Effect EP (2013)

It’s the return of fast rap, wouldja give ’em a back slap/ if they ever confuse me with one of them backpack/ Individuals…nah man/ I just happen to be super lyrical” – straight fire from Phill Most Chill and UK production team Bankrupt Europeans who are most definitely In Effect. Originally released a year ago as the Fast Rap EP, this is a proper throwback from an underground legend. Fast funky sample-based beats? Check. Surgical lyrical strikes? Check. All of that times four – and every one a banger? Check. Out on vinyl? Check. It’s more ’88 than ’88 was and I was there. You should probably get yourself a copy. It won’t be cheap but on the other hand this slice of the black crack could be an investment to hedge against the imminent collapse of the western financial world as Phill Most Chill’s shit sells for bare money on ebay and the like. Do not sleep!
(Out now on Nobody Buys)

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